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Add Promotion will provide you with the service and guidance to promote your music to commercial radio. Whether you are a major label artist, independent label artist or a completely independent artist, we have the experience, knowledge and background to get you heard. Our campaigns to radio involve constant contact with radio programmers to ensure that your music is heard by the appropriate people at radio stations across the country making sure your song gets aired.

We provide you with weekly reports reflecting music adds and spins to their playlist obtained not only from the stations but also from industry monitored websites: Nielsen BDS/Billboard, Mediabase, CMJ, FMQB and New Music Weekly.

Owned and operated by Gary Lefkowith. Gary has been Promoting & Producing Records for over 35 years.

Gary Lefkowith is President of Chubby Checker's record label TEEC which is distributed by RED, a Sony Music Company. In 2002 Gary began his musical & business association with Chubby Checker, as a record Producer & Promoter. Gary formed a partnership with Mike Rogers, as The Hill & HiFi.

Gary is best known for his Promotion work at Top 40, but all through his career he has had successful Radio Campaigns at many different Radio Formats. These include: Adult Contemporary, Rhythmic, Urban, Alternative, Rock, Smooth Jazz, Country & Gospel, as well all Non-Com & College. At all these Radio Formats, Gary has had substantial Chart Success - recently a Top 30, at both AC & Smooth Jazz. Viennie V at AC and Robert Lee Revue at Smooth Jazz, were both Indie Label Release.

Gary Co-Produced Chubby Checker's latest Song "Changes" with his partner Mike Rogers & Promoted it Successfully to Gospel & AC - # 31 on the Mediabase's Gospel Chart & # 43 on the Monitored AC Chart. "Changes" is Chubby Checker's biggest selling Record in 30 years & his Most downloaded Track in the digital era, on i-tunes. Sirius XM's The Blend & Praise have played Chubby's "Changes" extensively.

Gary Lefkowith

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Radio Promotion

Radio Promotion or Record Promotion can best be described as pitching a finished recording to Radio Programmers across the country. Usually the persons I speak with are the Music Directors or Program Directors. In some instances, artists choose to start this process locally or regionally. Traditionally, radio exposure is the best way for a recording artist and a song to gain exposure and subsequently generate income from independent record sales, or recording contracts. There are other obvious routes of marketing, such as live performance and Print Media, but getting a song played on the radio is usually the golden bullet for success!

There are many different radio formats. I have spent most of my career promoting records to Top 40 or CHR Stations. One of the benefits of promoting, or as they say in the business "working" these types of stations is that, this is the format we usually associate with a Hit Records, and can encompass many different musical genres; Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, even County to some degree. Several years ago I promoted songs for Shania Twain, Lee Ann Womack, & LeAnn Rimes that became extremely successful at Top 40. In fact I've worked almost all genres to Top 40 at one time or other. Hip Hop artists like Jay Z and Eminem, as well as Rock'n Rollers like Mick Jagger and Joan Jett. I've also successfully promoted Dance Artists such as Donna Summer, Vengaboys and the legendary Chubby Checker. It's a great format because it basically embraces any music that has the potential for a mass appeal audience. Over the years I have worked other radio formats including Straight Country, R&B, and Hip Hop. My first entrée into the business was actually with College Radio Promotion & currently I do a lot of Rock and Alternative Records, even AAA tracks from time to time.

Add Promotion also specialize in New and Up & Coming Artists. Secondary Radio has been a great vehicle for success. Basically the secondary markets are smaller un-monitored stations that the Major Recording Labels don't care about as much as they do the large markets. Essentially the major labels put most of their energy into big stations and big markets which leaves a convenient vacuum for me to go to the smaller stations and get a break with new product. From many years of promoting highly successful records, I have many relationships with music programmers in the secondary markets, who pay attention to the artists I bring them. I have access to them! This is very hard to come by, but is still the best first step in getting radio exposure. Most music directors in smaller markets may not be inundated as much as a larger markets, but they are still extremely busy and in most instances will shun calls from someone they don't know, especially a new artist. It's my ability to have contact with these Secondary Market Programmers that has driven much of my success in breaking new acts, and subsequently securing Record Deals.

Record Production

What is record production? Well, anyone who's made a record knows what record production is.... or do they? Most who enter the recording studio have aspirations of their final master being heard by thousands via Radio, TV, and the Internet. Needless to say, most don't get that opportunity. Often because of poor recording and production, mediocre songs, and the lack of reliable contacts. Add Promotion can certainly get your record out to the masses! But, what if your record is lacking in production? There are two main ways you can move forward.

1. You can let Add Promotion "Test" your record at "Secondary Top 40 Radio" with your record "as is." By doing this, you can get a very good idea of how well your "Song" is connecting with the listeners via radio before hiring professional producers to get your record to the next level. If the test turns out well, then you know you have something! If not, then you have saved a lot of time and money on re-producing the wrong song!

2. You can let Add Promotions through affiliates "The Hill and Hifi Productions" Re-Mix your record, and then go to the larger monitored stations with a mix that will "Stand Up" against any of the Major Label product on the radio. If you believe you have the goods, then let our team help you get your Production to sound like the real-deal!

Gary Lefkowith

Gary has been Promoting & Producing Records for over 25 years. For the last 10 years his focus has been at Top 40 (CHR) Radio where he has successfully promoted singles by LeAnn Rimes, Joan Jett, Ace Of Bass, & Fleetwood Mac,Donna Summer's '98 Grammy Winning Dance Track, "Carry On" was especially rewarding since he was one of only 2 promoters working the record. In 2005 he had two # 1 Records; Hobastank & Jo Jo. Some of the other acts Gary has promoted over the years include: Gwen Steffani, Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Jay-Z, Backstreet Boys, American Hi-Fi, LeAnn Wommack, Everclear, Inner Circle, Lloyd Price, Julian Lennon & Mick Jagger.

Promoting New & Unsigned Artists has been one of Gary's strong points as well. During the last few years, 4 acts; Will Seabrook, Gabby Nolan, Inner Circle, Audra & Alenna, that he promoted, have been signed and released by a Major Label as a result of his successful record promotion. Gary's association with the Major Labels has given these new acts "backdoor access" that is normally very hard to come by.

Strictly Rhythm is an independent record label that hired Gary to promote the Vegaboys in 1999. The single, "We Like To Party" sold in excess of 400,000 units. Universal Records frequently hires Gary to promote their new act's, one of which was Stroke 9. "Little Black Back Pack" was awarded a Gold Record for sales in excess of 500,000. As a Record Producer, Gary is responsible for a new Chubby Checker single that was a fixture on Billboard's dance chart through out 2004, and ended the year as the # 17 dance record. "Limbo Rock Re-Mixes" peaked at # 3. He is also involved on the promotion side of Chubby's record, and has been instrumental in getting air play on all 60 Radio Disney Stations along with over a dozen Large market stations. Clocking in at an excess of over 30,000 spins to date, and still going! "Top 40 is my favorite Radio Format because you can have success with an Alternative Band, Dance Act, Pop Artist, or anything in between."


Gary started his recording career as a songwriter, producer, and artist 25 years ago while living in London England. There he honed his skills playing with local rock and pop musicians and record producers. When he came back from London, he made his way into the New York recording scene. There he wrote, recorded, and produced a number of singles, and a full length album "Disconnected." The album has since become a cult classic.

Mike Rogers

Mike began his recording career 20 years ago at the age of 19 years old in a 24 track recording studio in New York City named D&D Recording. Before D&D's closing in late 2004, they had become local legends in the NYC recording scene. Mike spent nearly seven years at D&D. Their, he worked along side some of the recording business's most influential engineer's, producers, and artists. One of the more notable successes was his engineering, mixing, and additional production work with the band DEEE-LITE, on their multi platinum album "World Clique" and their single "Groove is in the Heart."

After his long affiliation with D&D, Mike moved into the world of freelance engineer, producer, and songwriter. During this time, he put together a top level recording studio, and landed a staff song-writing position with Sony Music Publishing. Mike now continues his impressive level of work with many unsigned artist's, helping them get to the next level. In fact he say's "The work I enjoy most, is working with unsigned artist's. I love the challenge of molding the project into a viable production, with people whom are truly hungry to succeed!" One of Mike's success washis work with the band "Public" from New York, who wound up signing a record deal in 2004 with Hollywood Records for over a Million Dollars. During the last 5 years, Mike has focused his production work with Gary, and the Hill & Hifi team. They are now located in downtown Manhattan, at Engine Room Recording Studios.

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Shania Twain - You're Still The One LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live Mick Jagger - Charmed Life - Official Fleetwood Mac - The Chain Vengaboys - We like to Party! (The Vengabus) Lee Ann Womack - I Hope You Dance Hoobastank - The Reason Limbo Rock (Reggaeton Mix)- Chubby Checker.mp4 Joan Jett - Bad Reputation Whenever You're Near Me By Ace of BaseHow Embed FLV by v3.0m

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