Studio News

January 1 - April 1, 2007

Here we are, 2007! The new year has begun with the completion of the new Chubby Checker record! It was produced by The Hill & Hifi Productions. It was recorded and Mixed at Diamond Needle Recording, and Mastered at Sterling Sound. Initial reactions are looking good for this one.

Gary and Mike are deep into their very cool and very secret project! We wish we could tell you what it is, but "they" would have to kill us if we did.

Mike has also been working with New York indi band "Yet to be named?" at Diamond Needle. The songs are a blend of Pop and Rock. The stand out elements of this project are the Songs. Beautifully crafted, and meticulously arranged.

Currently being mixed at Diamond Needle is:
Rock Pop artist LES
Singer Songwriter Jennifer Richmand