Record Production

What is record production? Well, anyone who's made a record knows what
record production is.... or do they? Most who enter the recording studio have aspirations of their final master being heard by thousands via Radio, TV, and the Internet. Needless to say, most don't get that opportunity. Often because of poor recording and production, mediocre songs, and the lack of reliable contacts. Add Promotion can certainly get your record out to the masses! But, what if your record
is lacking in production? There are two main ways you can move forward.

1. You can let Add Promotion "Test" your record at "Secondary Top 40 Radio"
with your record "as is." By doing this, you can get a very good idea of how well
your "Song" is connecting with the listeners via radio before hiring professional producers to get your record to the next level. If the test turns out well, then you
know you have something! If not, then you have saved a lot of time and money on
re-producing the wrong song!

Learn more about "Testing a Record" and "Secondary Radio" here!

2. You can let "The Hill and Hifi Productions" Re-Mix your record, and then go
to the larger monitored stations with a mix that will "Stand Up" against any of the
Major Label product on the radio. If you believe you have the goods, then let our
team help you get your Production to sound like the real-deal!

The Hill & Hifi Productions

The two principal owners of H&H Productions are:
Mike Rogers & Gary Lefkowith.

Mike began his recording career 20 years ago at the age of 19 years old in a
24 track recording studio in New York City named D&D Recording. Before
D&D's closing in late 2004, they had become local legends in the NYC recording scene. Mike spent nearly seven years at D&D. Their, he worked along side some
of the recording business's most influential engineer's, producers, and artists.
One of the more notable successes was his engineering, mixing, and additional production work with the band DEEE-LITE, on their multi platinum album "World Clique" and their single "Groove is in the Heart."

Download Highlights of Mike's Discography!

After his long affiliation with D&D, Mike moved into the world of freelance
engineer, producer, and songwriter. During this time, he put together a top
level recording studio, and landed a staff song-writing position with Sony Music Publishing. Mike now continues his impressive level of work with many unsigned artist's, helping them get to the next level. In fact he say's "The work I enjoy most,
is working with unsigned artist's. I love the challenge of molding the project into a viable production, with people whom are truly hungry to succeed!" One of Mike's success was his work with the band "Public" from New York, who wound up
signing a record deal in 2004 with Hollywood Records for over a Million Dollars. During the last 5 years, Mike has focused his production work with Gary, and
the Hill & Hifi team. They are now located in downtown Manhattan,
at Engine Room Recording Studios.

Download their ever evolving equipment list!

See who they are currently in the studio with?

Gary started his recording career as a songwriter, producer, and artist 25 years
ago while living in London England. There he honed his skills playing with local
rock and pop musicians and record producers. When he came back from London,
he made his way into the New York recording scene. There he wrote, recorded,
and produced a number of singles, and a full length album "Disconnected." The
album has since become a cult classic.

If you have any questions regarding Record Production?
Feel free to contact Mike Rogers.

If you have any questions about the best way to let Add Promotion work your
record, or send a CD of your song?

Feel free to contact Gary Lefkowith.