Gary Lefkowith

Gary has been Promoting & Producing Records for over 25 years. For the last 
10 years his focus has been at Top 40 (CHR) Radio where he has successfully promoted singles by LeAnn Rimes, Joan Jett, Ace Of Bass, & Fleetwood Mac,
Donna Summer's '98 Grammy Winning Dance Track, "Carry On" was especially rewarding since he was one of only 2 promoters working the record.

In 2005 he had two # 1 Records; Hobastank & Jo Jo. Some of the other acts
Gary has promoted over the years include: Gwen Steffani, Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Jay-Z, Backstreet Boys, American Hi-Fi, LeAnn Wommack, Everclear,
Inner Circle, Lloyd Price, Julian Lennon & Mick Jagger.

Highlights of Add Promotion's list of Clientele.

Promoting New & Unsigned Artists has been one of Gary's strong points as well. During the last few years, 4 acts; Will Seabrook, Gabby Nolan, Inner Circle,
Audra & Alenna, that he promoted, have been signed and released by a Major
Label as a result of his successful record promotion. Gary's association with the
Major Labels has given these new acts "backdoor access" that is normally very
hard to come by.

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Strictly Rhythm is an independent record label that hired Gary to promote the Vegaboys in 1999. The single, “We Like To Party” sold in excess of 400,000
units. Universal Records frequently hires Gary to promote their new act's, one
of which was Stroke 9. "Little Black Back Pack" was awarded a Gold Record for
sales in excess of 500,000.

As a Record Producer, Gary is responsible for a new Chubby Checker single
that was a fixture on Billboard’s dance chart through out 2004, and ended the
year as the # 17 dance record. “Limbo Rock Re-Mixes" peaked at # 3. He is also involved on the promotion side of Chubby's record, and has been instrumental
in getting air play on all 60 Radio Disney Stations along with over a dozen
Large market stations. Clocking in at an excess of over 30,000 spins to date,
and still going!

"Top 40 is my favorite Radio Format because you can have success with an
Alternative Band, Dance Act, Pop Artist, or anything in between."